Flippant Friday expurgation 1: Two of Belarus


Ostensibly, draniki and kolduny — but shortcuts left it with some shortcomings and likely should have left it buried in oblivion.  However, compulsion to document a semi-adherant meander along the cuisinations cannot resist duty to denote.

Draniki is hash browns, and those are good as always, but not a thing would be thunk thought worthy as a nation’s praise nor haute cuisine.  Nevertheless, they were befouled with ketchup and enjoyed.

The kolduny were more just eaten, as idea to simplify with wanton wontons did not quite suffice.  Additionally, the atrociously apparent pink, non-bacon pieces visually dismember the little supper’s feng shui.

Those were eyed along the top shelf at the acceptable market, and as were — a bubbly woman scrambled over and enthusiastically sung praise to their wonderous quality that most certainly did enhance as topping on a salad and her soups.  She was graciously thanked and such was added bits to basket.

Appearance aside, the flavor lent a strong impression of formaldehyde.  Appearance included, they’re hideous, and the caramalized onion looks like little grubs, beside — though, the onion made the meal, in fact, edible.  Tasty grubs…

So, no argument for recreation, here, but there are perogis in the near future.  Also, this dinner gave Jared the opportunity to use the word “potato” contextually.


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