Jalepeno tamale


Courtesia de La Botana.  Mole, being on the list of things to do, motivated a trip over to one of the only Mexican restaurants anywhere near that serves good food — only about 15 miles away, or, 45 minutes by car — reason being, they carry the necessary peppers at the counter.

Hilariously, the only thing walked away with was a good lunch, because they no longer sell the peppers — the guy said no one ever bought them!  He helpfully pointed out that they did still sell Mexican candy, many of which are spicy, including tamarind (funny where that shows up) candy that’s “Just a little bit spicy.”

It’s a little silly to have ordered tamales, seeing as the freezer is full of them, but it was a tamale moment and a delicious one at that — made all the better by the spicy salsa topping.  They warned that it was hot, and for a change it actually was.  Everything ever tried there is above par.


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