Chili with lentils


Every time chili slips onto the menu, it initiates a search for one that’s new, that looks truly remarkable and different — and always the result is a lot of pictures of chili, and then resignation to some formulation of the tried and true:  Preferred thick, not too fussy but with a little texture and no big vegetables.  That keeps it applicable as stew in a bowl, topping for rice or enhancement of hot dog — with a little mustard and chopped onions on top.

This occasion was no different from any of the others, except for a strange yearning for the inclusion of lentils — no doubt, the resultant influence of one too many dals over the past few weeks.  Otherwise, same as always:  Sauteed onions, can of diced tomatoes, a couple cups of broth, a can of kidney beans, handful of corn kernals, a pill of chocolate, cinnamon, cumin, chili powder, salt and something around 3/4 cup of lentils.  Thrown together and stewed until it was ready.

Perfectly fine little stew, but nothing new:  Some thought better with a little ground gyro-seitan and punch of chipotle added; those were kept out for those that eschew.  It’ll do.


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