Curried butternut cup


A delightful little compilation that satiated perfectly, the gnawing yen for something just a little bit of gooey, in a casserole and a pastry sort of thing — almost like a quiche but sans the custard.

A little fussy, but being as onions were caramelizing, everything else just fitted into space as they cooked.  The pastry rested in the ‘fridge, noodle in a wrap, while sauce was stirred — just roasted butternut, garam masala and a little salt — spinach rinsed and broccoli minced.


Once everything was ready, the rolled dough was cut in circles and layered with spinach, then caramelized onion and mandolin’d carrot, then broccoli, a little shredded cheese, and in the center — placed a noodle filled with the squash.

The idea had been to roll these into a formed ball, but the dough was too stuffed, so it just cupped around the noodle, topped with a spinach leaf with sprinkle of cheese, and then set in large muffin tins prepared with a sprinkle of parmesan, baked at 425 until brown and bubbling.

Served in sauce of leftover squash, simply thinned with cream that was calling for some punch from cayenne, but not everyone appreciates punches.  Very delicious little dishes, that — if cut carefully and just right — looked like they contained a yolk!  Sort of like an oversized, savory Cadbury egg!







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