Makin’ the mosta samosas with fresh chutneys


We went to buy a sieve and walked away with a deep fryer.  There are some things just have to be fried — like kofta:  Lauki kofta is one of the best dishes ever concocted, though it often becomes kaddu kofta, which turns it into a broody, spicy and savory, garam masala pumpkin pie and is also one of the best dishes ever concocted.

Samosas are often baked, but because we now have a fryer, it was used.  The bread texture is unquestionably preferable.

With tamarind on hand and Patel Bros. not in any circles, this week, their accompanying chutneys were blended by hand.

The tamarind variety was missing the umami thing of the store-bought variety, but very good — just noticeably different.


The mint chutney obviously looks a bit different, but other than being less spicy, was a dead-ringer.



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