Dal makhani & tikka mushrooms

img_0381[1] There was really only one reason that this was made, and that was smoke:IMG_0378

Such a cool way to infuse the flavor, by hot coal dropped in oil.  It is also a supremely stellar stew, and was the force to bring together the full family, including youngsters, disinterested in Superbowl proceedings.  But the aromas drew them from their lairs, asking silly questions in regards to if the house was burning, and coughing from apparent asthmatic onslaught.  Indeed, one of the best little dals done to date.

The tikka mushrooms are extremely simple to make and should be made in much greater abundance than called for, going fast, regrettably leaving none for later snacks.  Nicely spicy complement to the dal — kept tempered for the tender palates.


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