Seitan – mock duck


Eider you like this sort of thing, or you Ancona Havana of it. But I Duclair it can be quite a comestible Challans to satisfy Allier herbivores, and not wanting to Faroese anyone out, dabbling in these glutinous divers is a saleable solution – though, by the dubious Estaires on their Pekin in the pot, it’s apparent, everyone may not a grebe. Okay, admittedly, not a Vaison-la-Romaine French Rowan, but a fuss-and-featherless feasting fare.

And, not to Rouen it, but it would be no poultry oversight if failed to Mandarin it’s purportedly Moc chicken! And furthermore, carrying a chrome-Y, it would better be called mock-drake:

Mocking Ducklings: Haha, Drake – you started at the bottom!   You never had to struggle on your dives – you were already there! And on top of that: You were never hungry, anyway!

Drake: You’d be so lucky – I could turn you ducklings into the drake! I wear every bit of down even when I’m in the lake!

Aylesbury the rest of that conversation, and Tsaiya little more about what we have Hoa. It may be no High Flyer, but Gimbschimer in and call it a fine and firmer alternative to the Cerebros Fervidos of favor – certainly won’t quill you to try it, and might sometimes fit the bill.  With that said, time to let it Bashkir on the web – footed with a note, we hope we’ve left no feathers ruffled.   Ya know – just took a quack.


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