this is bread


As explained to parents on passing off one of these loaves on joining for dinner, this is not the greatest bread that was ever made – but it is the recipe used to make the greatest bread ever made. Although, it’s also entirely possible, after making this at least one dozen times, this is not that recipe.

They thought it was fine – as it is – and it is, just not the greatest bread that was ever made. But then, Jack Black crashed through the ceiling and started singing a song about it, and there was a giant flaming guy that just sort of stumbled around while holding up his arms and a talking tree…

Dad made stuffed artichokes, too, which were pretty darn good. He has an excellent idea, to sever the heads in two – much easier to clean and the stuffing can really be piled on. The artichokes are pre-coooked, then stuffed and just warmed – great idea for a grab as people are prepared, type of meal. Absent a stumbling, flamey guy, just put in a 350 oven, then turn off immediately.

At this point, it is probably best to presume some black magic was involved in the Loaves of Greatness, and unattainable, at will, so best just to move on…


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