Grape leaves with avgolemono


The final destination for the last, past batch of grape leaves.  Over-rinsed, under-lemoned or what, these didn’t have the usual grape leaf greatness and temptation that has them snuck cold from the ‘fridge, little nibbles to fight off pre-dinner or midnight snack attacks.

The filling had gentle bursts of sweetness, from probably, dried apricots — but that was about it for flavor other than an almost indiscernable savoriness, like a mild umami, as like a mild cheese.

Right from the pot they were acceptably palatable if notably tame.  Re-heated in a little water, further blanched away the flavor and made for a lousy dinner.  Yet, these demure little leafed parcels ended up making some of the best dolmathes dinners ever, first with the groovy grapeleaves over hummus under Greek-like tomato — and these with the avgolemono.  A lesson learned, though, on the steamed re-heat, subsequently, they were hit exclusively with electomagnetic radiation so to hold what flavor held, present.

The hint of sweetness turned out to match really well with the lemon-salty avgolemono — this from the Good Karma Kitchen, exceptional.  Flour reduced to a third and it thinned a bit from there brought the perfect consistency and a bit more could make it a great soup in quantity.

The cashews needed to cook a bit to get the sauce smooth — and a second blend, so soaking first would help.  Caper presence was prominent, but not overly.  Really great flavor.

Better yet, it was warm enough to eat out on the patio – one of the few days that that rose into the 60’s, and, one of the few days without rain:



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