Not much can be said – it is simply a bread, or, Bob’s well-bread loaf

In other words, his offspring were given every opportunity but are lazy.


The standard, highly regarded, 24-hour bread ala The King – Arthur. Starting off all thumbs with two left feet, the bread was barely passable. Positives – fairly attractive, good bead and decent flavor if only slight sour. Negatives – only slight sour, way under-kneaded and slightly overbaked. i.e., good for toast (but not “French,” as it is apparently hydrophobic).

Things that have been learned about making a sour, sourdough.

  1. The yeast of it matters. Any travelers coming from San Francisco should bring a very large lawn bag full of air with them.
  2. Sour is your density. 50% hydration makes more sour dough, however, also less booze. The local bakeries use a knife to cut their starter – last year, bob was being extracted with a turkey baster!
  3. Keeping your starter on the counter in summer will make your loaves rise nicely but they will not be sour. Starter and dough during fermentation apparently do not sour when they lose their cool, which apparently promotes the production of lactic acid. Perhaps weather contributory to the famous SF sourdough?
  4. Per fresh loaf, spiking it with rye flour brings out the sour
  5. For some reason not yet absorbed, starting and occasionally adding a little whole wheat seems to make a happier sponge.


Last but not yeast: Always attend to the breads’ kneads.


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