Quiche on the lips


This was not the quiche of depth, as erroneously reported, it was quite shallow – in both physical attribute and intellectual involution.

That is not a condemnation, nor judgement, merely, observation, and it is sometimes both satisfying and necessary to splash in the shallow end of the pool.  That is to say, when you drink a glass of chocolate milk, you know what you’re going to get!

Dominated by smoked gouda, the rest was mostly afterthought – though the sweetness from the asparagus was a nice contrast. Shiitake were barely noticed, but like the snuck-in turmeric that was swallowed whole, brought a simpleton appeasement to health, like fruit in a pie, or veggies on a pizza.  Mmm…  That sounds like a great idea!

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  1. My sister made me some like yesterday was soo delicious 😀 your one looks great as well 😀

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