Carbonada Criolla


Another all in the pot stew, favored fare for everywhere, each with a particular twist — this, from the land of elegant Gabriella Sabatini, tenacious racqueteer and aromaticist.

Large-chopped chunks are not generally preferred, but like a well-timed baseline lob,  work well here:  Onion, tomatoes, pepper, corn, potato, sweet potato, beef chunks — peaches and pears!

Seemingly curious contributions — consternation creation — as tossing that lob out on an approach, the fruit leant well to the already slight sweetness from the cooked tomatoes and sweet potatoes, not overbearing in the least.  An occasional, seemingly unsuitable selection can sometimes, with the element of surprise, produce a winner.

The recipe is very easy and has a good rythm — one component to the pot as the next arrives at the chopping block, like, you know, a volley, or something…

A few beefs with the protein, as the commercially prepared variety was not too well received, turning a bit — soggy.  But an ace was the additionally added fervida cérebros — a no-brainer in any stew.



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