Squash & greens empanadas


Okay — alimental confirmation bias:  If such phrase turned were actually in play ’round the world, these would be a definitive example of such, in this particular little sliver of the globe.

These little palate preferred portions are filled with butternut squash and greens, and spiced with cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne — get saucy with a tasty tomato chutney.  They were also variously served with mango/ginger chutney which worked equally well.

This recipe makes dozens. 20131208_125346

There is  difficulty getting through the frozen foods that land in the freezer — the last intent for our alimentative angled ardor — there were none.  Usually, the response to re-heating something frozen is, “eh…”  These didn’t languish long.

Served with cheat Spanish rice:  Onion, garlic sauteed, rice added and flung for a bit, then cooked with v-8, broth and oregano instead of water.   Not too bad, not as good.

20140109_175003 And pintos, cooked in broth with tomatoes, spices, corn and asparagus.  Really good, too.20140109_175009


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