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Tried and true, stick with whatcha doMom’s birthday feast: Onion pakora, samosa, lauki kofta, palak paneer, and methi mushroom – served with naan, of course.

All but the pakora from VegrecipesofIndia, one of the finest, best documented and extensive collections of recipes around.

The methi was somewhat lost in the mushrooms, though, still good. Her palak and the samosas are the best version we’ve had, and the often raved Lauki Kofta is one of the most outstanding dishes ever tried. Made this time with butternut squash – absolutely, ridiculous match for the spices and the sauce. Outstanding.

Birthday desert was a mound of Ari’s famous chocolate cookies – Grandma’s favorite! Presented with aflame candle atop!

Fantastic feast if photo failed – parents pleasantly surprised by the least peculiar meal they’ve ever had ahome.


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