Tasty tostada

Mom asked:  What do you use it for?  Uh...  Sliders?  Sometimes tempeh bacon...  Stir fry, occasionally...  Sliders...

Asked, because of the evident fervor with which it is sought — because it is good!  And sometimes scarce.  The sorts, generally found in stores are bitter and unremarkable.  They can be soaked and manipulated to edible function, but on their own — not particularly pleasant.

The Brinery tempeh doesn’t even need a soak, and actually induces craves — gentle flavor and a marvelous creaminess the others fail.  Most of the restaurants that serve tempeh, serve theirs.  It was not obvious why people chose to eat it, prior to the discovery of the theirs.

But it has become redundantly used, for breakfast sliders, lunch sliders, dinner sliders — also, late nite snack sliders.  Mom seemed unimpressed, so became the impetus to think of other uses, what delivered a terribly tasty, tempeh tostada — sometimes simple is satisfactory.

It was intended simple, a quick bite before rushing off to get tires — just very, very, dull:  quick seared tempeh, tomato, lettuce.  Maybe, create a little sauce…  Defaulting to the favorite:  Tahini, tofutti…  Added a little old bay seasoning — which brought to mind several items that have been lingering on the to-try list, for many whiles:  Chick’n bites and fish cakes, both of which employ corn meal and get fried.

Eyebrow raised reflectively — a little cornmeal, flour, more old bay, and baking powder.  The dusted tempeh looked unsatisfactorily prepared for a fry.  Holding the marinade for later use precluded a second, dusted dip; the refrigerator offered almond milk, and with a second roll through the flour, provided a much more respectable coating.

Fried first — the tortilla — followed by the tempeh and topped with tomato, lettuce and cheese — easy/excellent feast, and fried/tostada/tacos, fill out the response.

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