Those seeking Jau should look within themselves

All of this talk about brains is a reminder that this has been brain awareness week, which is a reminder of how much William Saffire is missed – a sapient head at the helm.

It is always brain awareness in this corner, but as the week winds down it is a wise idea to take a break from the stimulating conversations about amphetamines, taking a few minutes to experiment on your kids!  Or, take your brain out for a nice walk in the park, or learn Portuguese – all good things that brains enjoy. 

One brain in particular had a difficult time reconciling disappointment with the non-fried molotes – especially with the epiphanious realization that introduction to such masa empanadas was very much enjoyed, not long past. 

With wont memories and yet nagging hunger as is always the case for at least the latter – too, also, cravings for anything fried –  rummage across an old e-mail sent to myself, with a link to pakodas!  These are far better than onion rings and further, helpful in attenuating brain adema.

The batter was a bit thick which lent to a sort of patty formation – a wonderful and easy late night snack, then, early evening appetizer, the next night – not only satisfying a fry fancy buy boosting the brain’s ability to store memories and fight degenerative brain diseases! 

So thoughtful and timely sending that e-mail, knowing how good the onion is with brains.

Addendum:  To celebrate Brain Week, the Science Center is hosting actual WSU Neuroscientists, and offering the chance to cozy up with an actual human cerebrum!


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