Several simple—still salacious – southwestern sauces

This is known as a placemarker, so I can find these stinkin' recipes.

The cook of three, for outstanding crunchings and munchings:

Verde – Absurdly simple:  Everything thrown into a pot and cooked; the result – a delicious, citrus-y accompaniment, that matches outrageously well with corn tortillas, cheese, various protein sources, lettuce, tomato and sour cream.  Enchiladas verde are chronically consumable, the sauce known even to spring poorly performed molotes to life.

Enchilada – Eschew the can:  Robust, hearty flavors from an incredibly easy compilation – the addition of chipotle, however, is a given.  Perfect for dipping flour tortillas to be filled with nearly anything, or, at breakfast, for the chiliquiles! Canning the sauce for fresh tomatoes will further enrich yos already full life, and incredibly – diluted with broth and some minor additions – becomes an outstanding soup! 

Mole – Simple?   Comparitively!  Purportedly a mole rojo, though, not so – simmered simply as a sauce.  This mole takes less than an entire day to make, but still brings much of the richness of the semi-sweet and spicy, more typical mole negros.  In the olden times, Don Carlos had a mole enchilada that they topped with crème fraiche and thinly sliced cabbage salad, sprinkled with lime, that could be eaten every day and never tired!  Ears of corn dipped in mole and grilled are something otherworldly!  Moles come in many colors.


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