What's up, molotes?

Feeling molotes, energy was invested in this interesting turn of the masa, a sort of potatoed tamale, usually fried and sometimes baked.  These are very reminiscent of the empanadas out at The Roadhouse – considered an odd but delicious take, at the time – those, fried, with a potato and cheese filling.  In fact, looking back at the website, they refer to molotes as Oaxacan masa empanadas!

As baked, and alone, they are not extraordinarily interesting; deep frying gives a much nicer flavor and characteristic.  Fortunately there is sauce:

Was planning a night, tonight -- ya know?  But Jen's, like, you're too old to be sowin' your wild molotes!

A little pan-frying of the baked variety helps restore their dignity with a nice, crispy shell.

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