Forofa is another Brazillian treasure that will capture your favor:  It makes little sense that it should be so good.

It is true, we have made a calulu or two, but the Angolan variety is totally new! 

Though, probably not much…  However, hilariously, it appears that potatoes were used rather than the called for tomatoes!  One otatoe is as good as the next!  Apparently…

This beefy, traditional, Angolan stew is described at one particular website of authority, as a mix of dry fish, fresh fish, okra and jimboa in palm oil.

The redeeming qualities of okra have yet to be found – mushrooms are become the standard substitute – continuing this stews wander from recognition…

P for t, fungus for ick, nori and crab for fish.  Further, a little lemon juice squeezed in that didn’t exactly roll together with the rest of the flavors, however, it all somehow worked.  The important part is that the dende oil was remembered.

Often served, as usual, with funge.  That was tried and will not be repeated…  Served with forofa, it was outstanding, as are most things served with forofa:Like Brazillian coffee:  The first time you try it -- awful!  And you can't get enough!  Or, maybe that was cocaine...

Perhaps an Angolan had a nice stew with forofa and tried to re-create it, not really understanding the basis for the composition, and so, became funge…  Though, people like okra, too…  So who knows.



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