Mmm...  Oily spreads are delicious!

This is one of those interesting propositions that’s sat around for an extended term, finally fashioned in the interest of removing an e-mail and using the soy lecithin that was purchased specifically for the purpose.

Did you know:  You can only taste and smell things that are fat soluble.

The texture remains akin to it’s base — coconut oil crumbly — also, similarly, melting well:

 Todays posts are brought to you by getting fatter

The flavor is familiarly similar to oleos and butter, soft and creamy on the palate, clean:  Commenters disparage the “clinginess” of palm oil in other products — bah!

Mock the dende if you like, but that particular item brags 33% fewer calories than this — even butter proper would scoff!

So, a bit indulgent, but correspondingly tasty:  Sauteeing onions in this is phenominal (keeping the heat low); very good for your forofa.


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