Fervida cérebros pot pie

Made extra rich -- with puns!Hopefully, no one finds this, searching for that term… Natch, withal — a hemisphere of seitan remained, so, the thought was chewed upon — re-up, taken with a pie.

It is no lie: Gun-gated channels cannot barricade the rush to conclusion that gee! Protein never tasted so good! I mean, oh — ox a-daze a meal of this, they would be, in satiated euphoria!

The boys don’t gab a lot, but they would tell you, and put to bed they had no clue as — try a term and all — as neither would be fool to claim nor, dope: A minor urge! Ichabod Crane it is known, roams the countryside to seek his head, sole goal, to once again partake pot pie and soothe the craving — so substantial, Niagara in magnitude!The segment of internet for pot-pie recipes was already at capacity -- so we had to use our brains!

Come now! Don’t get sulky! A set, a goal: Lean and mean! Not some peculiar goal to hype all the llamas! A past repast — it is no sin! Apses do not ring with calls for condemnation!

Though, perhaps anyone reading this, should… But judge not! To quote a Goethe: Men show their characters in nothing more clearly than in what they think laughable.

Sad, really… Clearly time to crawl back to hibernation and the den — trite contemplation of passing time, resumed.


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