Albania responds: Eggplant Burek and Tirana Fergese with Peppers

Albania is a name given to the country by foreigners. In the native language, Albania is called Shqiperi ; Albanians themselves are called Shqipetare and the language itself Shqip. An indulgently wonderful set of dishes, perfect to fuel hours of sub-zero snow shoveling.

The earthiness of the eggplant is accented wonderfully by the crispy, salty phyllo, and the Tirana fergese is outstanding, combinging the sweetness of the roasted peppers with feta and just a little kick of cayenne.  Four men dressed as Santa Claus and carrying automatic rifles danced and sang their way through a shopping mall in Tirana on Christmas Eve and then robbed a jewellery store.

This would make a fantastic appetizer, as well, easy and quickly ready, to be served, spooned over sliced baguette.

This also cannot be stated emphatically enough:  The Tirana fergese is outstanding!


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