Fresh green bean casserole

Because -- fructose, right?

Another Thanksgiving thing, this one well appraised:  An haute harken to the ritual tray of milky mush, crumb encrusted, the grey tray, perilously picked at, a green bean casserole — but fresh!  Several times during preparation that lippy little legume had to be set straight — oh my!  The lascivious things that legume let loosed from its pod!

Unleashed by the Speckled Palate, a nice combination of fresh and still crunchy green beans, fresh mushroom sauce and crispy, oven baked, panko coated onions.  More of those audacious onions would have made this even better, however, deep concern the amorous allium might give our guests the vapors, meant that only half a one adorned the dish, despite the fact we cut one.


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