Will’s favorite black bean dip

The blame is laid upon the plague of a thousand miseries, yet roiling through the house and clouding weary eyes.Will has declared that this is the best thing I ever made, and he says there wasn’t much of a competition!  When it was first stewed together, he eyed it cautiously, then, tentatively dipped a chip and took a bite – thoughtfully considering the flavors.  He looked up as he chewed, his eyes wide and excitedly asked for a bowl of his own.  The following couple of days, while the dip dallied, he’d call from the couch, “Can I have some of that really good dip?”  There was a disappointed, “Aww…” the day he discovered it diminished. 

This came about with the addition of the black beans to the little breakfast patties, which only use a bit.  There have been many delicious looking recipes for black bean dip floating about, lately, and that seemed like a fair enough use.  We went with none of the ones we’d seen, bookmarked or forwarded, opting for what’s called a “Tex Mex” black bean dip, ala allrecipes, omitting corn and cheese, but otherwise, as is.  It is outstanding, indeed, and Will – will be pleased, more will soon need to be made as the last batch of patties was a bust:  Something about one half cup of flax meal seeming like a lot as they were made – because it was, and the ensuing patties resulted with a flavor on par with construction paper.


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