Butternut squash noodle stir fry, with soy-squash sauce

Something big is a-foot, here

Diving deeper into the squash, previously lopped, hope was embraced for beauty deeper than the skin, and – other than the back end that was crap – disappointment was dashed, and with no plan in place, just c. moschata/eat moschata, the persevering pumpkin was cubed, oiled and roasted in conjunction with the baking of a bread.

The bread was a lemon, which was a surprise as it is typically a reliable, standard model that had never been recalled.  And the squash, despite its glamorous appearance, was a last minute cancel, as parents scurried with a curry, seeking shelter from the approaching line of red that stretched one thousand miles through the Midwest. 

The worst of the storm preceded its arrival, hounding the area with mostly, only howling winds, just a brief downpour and leaving minimal damage – though, it did present a present danger from a tipsy steeple, an unpleasant present present, and unlike the curry, which was the perfect response to the surly weather.

But another day and another consideration of the now, de-constituted fruit, of which, about eight ounces were contained.  Shitake, green beans and some funky, adzuki bean tempeh that was foisted on us by the provocateurs of such, were only partly intentionally pulled out as well, and Jen said it looked like a stir fry – so that was the direction taken, but not the answer to the squash.

About half was mashed into a dough with only semolina, sticky enough the press was written off in favor of hand riving into thick bands.  The rest was liquefied in some broth – the broth the tempeh was marinating in – along with some Braggs, a bit of brown sugar and a shot of rice vinegar, resulting in something similar in flavor and texture to a peanut sauce, but not quite like a peanut sauce.

The noodles turned out great:  Thick, chewy and with a hint of the squash’s sweetness.  They were swirled with a splash or the sauce, simmering aside.

The rest soused the sashayed veggies:  Onion, garlic, shitake, beans and tempeh.  Tossed atop the twisted noodles, a little decoration could have made the dish better presentable, but the edibility was outstanding, nudging firmly into future reconsideration – presuming roasted squash is on hand, or, perhaps:  Planning…


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