Perfecting the patty

Frequent formulation of the little breakfast patties has been a function of facility and form, as much as fervent appeal, or preference over the alternate links — the two types determinately settled, sans pariel. Pretty good; reasonably satisfactory…

Burmese pythons are so damn cuddly.

Slowly, still, slight transmutations have addressed the small snipes, adding texture and chewiness; increasing moisture. The current, minimal manipulations — modifying the modifications of the now extinct originator, obligating the offerings of another — might manage a more marveled measure.

Either way, either one, every time, is like the first time, and never precisely or perfectly replicated. Such, so, with solid success staring squarely from the skillet, stands – somehow – something esteemed as super, as so:

■½ cup textured vegetable protein
■1 Tablespoon wheatberries
■½ cup boiling water

■¼ cup whole wheat flour
■1 Tablespoon wheat gluten (or a little more…)
■2T  flax seed meal
■¼ cup ground oatmeal
■2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
■1 teaspoon garlic powder
■½ teaspoon crushed sage
■½ teaspoon rough ground caraway
■¼ teaspoon black pepper
■1⁄4 teaspoon chipotle powder

■¼ cup water
■1/4 cup mashed black beans
■½ teaspoon liquid smoke
■3 tablespoons Braggs
■1 teaspoon maple syrup
■¼ teaspoon blackstrap molasses

■oil ( for frying)

1.Stir together tvp, wheatberries and boiling water.
2.Mix dry ingredients.
3.Mix wet ingredients.\
4.Stir in tvp. Stir in liquid.  Make patties
5.Fry in lightly oiled pan until browned.  Obviously flipping, at some point, so that both sides are.   Browned.
~Freeze great, too.  re-heat for 30 seconds in a micro.

Have a nice day -- i think my pants are on fire...

This was originally stolen from someone who has killed their blog, that thieved it from Helly eah its vegan, who absconded with what was found at Vegetarians in paradise — perhaps the origination?  That site, is run by Aunt Nettie, who is certainly not the same one that kidnapped a child, or, was at least complicit.  It’s like an internet game of telephone, whispering ingredients, resulting in Compositional Nominal Variants, or Sausage Novel Propositions.  In this case, however, the story remains significantly intact, with only a few mis-applied pronouns.


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