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5 out of 10 people ignore use by dates

This doesn’t get made nearly as often as it should, not just because it’s a long time favorite, but also, as it’s liked by 80% of the household — which is unusually high.

Preparation is time consuming:

Half of all people live in one of six countries

However, cook time is very quick, making this an ideal meal when food has to wait for the crowd, rather than diners beholden to the food — as is proper!

50% of human DNA is shared with bananas As always, the pancakes turned out a bit tough, but they are still preferable to a tortilla which over-dominates the flavors of the dish.

Leftovers gave the bento the opportunity to finally get legit, featured alongside peppery, re-fried rice and with the star of our meal, wonton.

Every other person on Earth in 2030 will experience water scarcity


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