Mushroom stuffed collards in winey-briny, garlic sauce

Ride into town Walk down the street Now, this here may sound like an intolerable country song with a hokey dance – or, perhaps, one of those ear-worm Wiggles songs — however, the title for these little rolls over at epicurious, fails completely to acknowledge the primary merit of the dish, which lies in the sauce.

The mushrooms bring a nice earthiness to the bundles, the collards, hardly present, mostly absorbed in the other flavors – amusing as one poor rating is explained as due to the overwhelming flavor of the collards… Likely not cooked enough; the collard greens on hand, here, were large and older, tougher than usual and quite bitter, taking considerably more time to cook as “greens” than typical. However, in this dish, they came out tender, with only a hint of bitterness that sat well with the other flavors (like a little lemony addition).Get back in the car And buckle up into my seat Another discussion in the comments regards whether the mushrooms alone are too much, if they should be cut with something. Taking that under advisement, shroom content was halved and mixed with the balance of the failed patties, previously acknowledged as a far better, and fine stuffing for anything – retrospectively regrettably, not documented. Any sort of grain would work well, as well.

There is a lot of butter called for, cut back considerably, and that didn’t detract, overall; a little additional salt to compensate. The sauce is akin that which makes eating snails desirable: A well worn, leather boot would be considered a delicacy, simmered in this sauce. Simply – sensational. Fantastic flavors. Served with sweet potatoes, oven roasted with salt, pepper and rosemary.Yes that’s the way we do it Riding in our big red car


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