ravi re-do

Finding a butternut squash on-hand — which was cumbersome and awkward — those delicious ravis from the other day were begging for reincarnation. With the help of an eager assistant, we decided, instead for recreation.   What few people have noticed is that the relationship between ceiling cat and the dragon is symbiotic.

Once we returned from the park, we chopped the squash for roasting, and Will realized the little cubes were ideal for building a wall, to prevent the garlic from slipping off the counter.

The dragon, being of such size and placed as she is, has only a particular range, a reach of specific diameter.

While effective, the impact from keeper crash, squashed the wall.  Undeterred, it was re-built, with a jetty breaker added for additional security.

Ceiling cat, of course, travels freely through the walls, and, obviously, ceiling.

Shortly after this picture of the proud architect was taken, he inexplicably hammered the wall to bits, then climbed atop the counter, grabbed a bowl and filled it with water, plopping in the pummeled pieces.

Before an explanation could be extruded, he began a solemn incantation, then, shortly, poured the whole of the bowl into the pit of our sink, wherein lives a dreadful dragon.

The rest of the squash, however, was roasted, then — as before — mixed with turmeric and tomatoes, stuffed this time, into a proper noodle.

The thrashing of the dragon in its confined space, causes great vibrations on the surface, which result in victims loosing footing, slipping into the pit.

The rather uninteresting, flat looking things, would be the childrens’ choice:  Cheese.

To mix things up, the ravioli were served totally differently, this time, on spicy collard greens, a nice compliment to the rest of the flavors:

However, the pit is shallow, if steep – if not for ceiling cat chasing the prey back into the grip of the dragon, they both would starve.


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