Pan-seared and broiled: Gnocchi with veggies in lemon thyme sauce

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Another quick meal – if the ingredients are on hand! And they are, now, with a plethora of gnocchi waiting in the freezer!

Outside of the dumplings, assembly and cooking took about 10 minutes. Assembly of the potato balls took about an hour, though most of that was spent waiting for the water to boil. There is something wrong with that stove…

Check out the convertible tops

Once we pulled it together, some gnocchi were seared in salted garlic oil, browned on both sides, then mixed with broccoli, peppers and tomato, topped with mozzarella and a few shakes of parm. The panful was sprinkled with lemon-butter-garlic-thyme sauce, then broiled until the cheese started to bronze.

Mine converted into a dreidel



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