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Detroit, you hold what one's been seeking, Holding off the coward-armies weakling,

After the market, this past Saturday, we stopped for lunch at DVS, just opened a week back.  Their opening has been greatly anticipated since participating in HatchDetroit a year or two ago, in which, ultimately they were outvoted for favor of the midtown tapas joint that has yet to open.  We are also looking forward to the opening of the midtown tapas…

The first picture, below, would be the only documentation of any sort, of any sort of food – a covered cake, caught in the background as the boys had a rousting game of rock-paper-sword/laser/poisonous spider, while we waited for the food. 

The eyes say it all, Will looking devious as he is, and Jared channeling my father:

Always rising from the ashes not returning to the earth

I so love your heart that burns That in your people's body yearns To perpetuate, and permeate,

the lonely dream that does encapsulate, Your spirit, that God insulates, With courageous dream's concern.

I have driven slow, three miles an hour or so, through Highland Park, Heidelberg, and the Cass Corridor.

Guess which one of them cheated, pulling out a radioactive scorpion sting?  Mm-hmm…

Breakfast was light and we had spent the morning milling about food, leaving us resultantly ravenous.   Combined with a slight delay in delivery, our only thought when the food did arrive, was consume.  About two-thirds through the grilled tempeh, the thought to grab a pic occurred, but failed to deter conclusion of consumption – as in devouring, not disease.  Despite our enthusiasm for vegan soul, we largely avoided the soul, settling for sandwiches, and, other than, a few stolen bites of Will’s macaroni and cheese.

Our expectations for DVS were high – and exceeded, other than, though, Jared panned the grilled cheese – some sort of fauxy type thing.   Seeing to our general dislike of such things applied as so, we should have warned him other wise. 

But the rest was outstanding:  The mac-n-cheese  was remarkable, which is not something often said about mnc.  It was nice and creamy, tasted approximately cheesy with a wonderful, garlicky flavor.  It was served with a side of seasoned broccoli, steamed just green – a vegan place ought to do the veggies correctly, sim?

The alluded grilled tempeh sandwich was exceptional, the tempeh, tender – served on a gorgeous, golden roll with tomato, red onion, lettuce and a sauce that was not properly noted.    The other sampled sandwich was the coconut-BLT with avocado.  This also balanced all of the ingredients extremely well.  Sandwiches are served with coleslaw and yam fries or potato wedges. 

Our only disappointment was that starters are delayed until four; for speaking of delays:  As apparently our service was considered such, we were offered a couple slices of the German chocolate cake in recompense!  It, too, was done very well –  the cake, not too sweet and moist. 

Starters and sides will be on the agenda, next time.

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