ice cream

 Life seems to be nice to those that possesses it's good tidings,those that never know what it means to loose but will always complement them in their season of adornment without a grudge

“I wish we had an ice cream maker…”
“We have an ice cream maker.”

“We do?”

“Then we should make some chocolate ice cream!  I can help!”

–Difficult to argue with logic that sound, so the old hostess that predates any of our existences was hauled in and hosed down.

i myself has been in a lonely desert were all seems lost,life being so cruel but has no single thought of blaming life itself


but to the one that rub of the heart it's happiness of true nature existing in the minds of men living a life of dishonesty without a single iota of honesty in them.

Pumpkin spice:   What a life! Were brothers betray their own blood.

Toucans of coconut milk and one cup sugare plus flavors:  one half cup cocoa powder vs. pumpcan and spices.

It has been found preferable to heat the mixtures then cooling, prior to churning, so to avoid coconut lard chips — though, their presence is not ruinous..

Cletus Francis


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