butternut squash wontons in sweet and spicy sauce

Warmth was associated with fewer conduct problems and less hyperactivity, and with an annual decrease in peer and conduct problems.

Let the answer be all in the sauce:  The balance of the ravioli filling delivered a fine stage for a few leftover wonton skins, again filling in with a strong supporting role in an outstanding cast, set on a sauce — sweet, and seriously spicy.  The performance begged a wistful encore.

Household chaos was a risk factor for conduct problems, as was maternal involvement for peer problems.

After experimenting many possible ways it is now certain that wontons are best cooked in a bath — either oil or water.  Boiled, then braised ain’t bad, but you may as well just fry them and revel in the grease.  Steamed and baked leave much to be desired.

Cooked either way and sat in the sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds:  The toppings brought nothing more than aesthetics.

Sauce: 1/2c broth, 1t corn starch, sesame oil, Bragg’s, agave and red pepper flakes.  Cooked until thick.

Oil, bragg’s and flakes, probably on the order of 1t, agave, maybe two — added to the point sweetness just tipped the balance on the salt and it no longer tasted weird.  Filling was previously posted squash, tomato, turmeric.

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