Fork in the road

Speaking of forks

Don't you pick and refuse me,

Serendipity led us to this lovely little joint on a brief stop off to Lansing.  It was one of the options we’d considered, but plans were rapidly falling by the wayside.  Somehow, we yet managed to drift here.

'Cause the things people refuse

Will was very impressed with their garden, intrigued by the fruits that grew on the plants, since we don’t do that, ’round here…

Are the things they should choose.

He ordered the apple pecan pancakes, with brandy butter, before remembering he doesn’t like nuts — which is more of a position, than a preference.

Do you 'ear me? Hear what I say!

We opted for the quinoa/tomatilla tacos…

Stone that the builder refuse

and a side of their tater tots.

Will always be the head cornerstone-a; tell me why

Fantastic little place – all homemade food, fresh and great, creative options for all sorts of ‘vores.


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