Tula’s totally terrific tostadas

Not as if there are often greens that remain, when served – if they’re not all plated, the balance are tossed in a bowl, then tend to get picked at, until gone. However, should ever there be a need to disseminate abundant quantities of the captivating couve – topping tostadas, a taco or tucked in a taquito is not a bad course to serve.

If you seek out police, on a claim of assault...

The base beans were the actual impetus, for this, instructed by AliGarlichands, and a delightful rehydration of the garden beans with a waft of smokiness and hint of spice. They previously served beside a feijoada-esque taquito, and elicited an, “Oh, wow!” By an unsuspecting spouse with unimpressed expectations.

Don't consequently, carry out an assault in their presence.  They ain't yo heavy.

Coincidentally, interest in avoiding redundancy pushed the greens to the brink of salvage, ergo, the combination, along with the onions, as there was time while the collards cooked and they additionally serve as a wonderful snack in the wait – maybe on a wafer or a little bread… With a thin slice of cheese like brie, fried houmaloui, fontinella, or, just with a little olive oil…

Withal, in this instance, anyhow, the greens were actually cooked specifically for the tostadas, onions caramelized while they stewed. Both were layered over the beans, then topped with grated smoked gouda and chopped, seeded, cherry tomatoes.

The beans and cheese brought a lot of smokiness, compounded by the greens and onions which harbor a bit on their own; were consequently diminutively displayed, a shame – surely, for the onions, at least.

More a discontent with the onion effort, however, as all metamorphosed into a well-combined grouping, the tart tomatoes bringing a needed contrast to the — if agreeable, yet otherwise, homogeny of flavors.



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