Backlog Friday, 5: A triptych through the tulips

The tulips are not true — there are no tulips, this time of year, despite it feeling as if spring never left, and summer has yet to arrive, while autumn threatens, nigh!

There is a lovely crucifer, the cauliflower, served here – with modifications, adapting to the resources – as Gobi Manchurian, the first of three, fared for dinner:

A mystery how the fellow makes his way

This is a really great recipe…  Not precisely like the one first discovered at the restaurant that can no longer be mentioned– because it was sold!  Dasterdly.  But these are devilishly good, which, I suppose, would make them – apologies…  But these would then be, Lucifer Crucifers…

Moving on, and toying with the idea of Greek beans in sauce:  Wax beans in sauce, with goat cheese.

buckets spilled from the corners of his hat

This looks really nice, but didn’t quite work.  Perhaps chopped beans would be better suited for this, though indubitably less attractive.

Beatific broccoli?  Seraphic savoy?

lashed but unblinking, unconcerned

Served with a nice bowl of gazpacho, rare this year (comparitively), as the cool summer temperatures have kept the tomatoes from ripening.  We are a week into September, and all of our tomatoes are still green.  Even those bought from real farmers have been downright funky — as Mom says, you have to leave them on the counter for about a week, until they develop a nice balance of ripeness and rot.

looking away, as if to recall

The last frost, this year, was June 5th — June 5th!  The average temperature, over the summer, was 64F!

Three years ago, we had record precipitation.  Two years ago we had record precipitation.  Last year we had a drought.  This year, we are 5 inches above average precipitation, to date.

Rains in the area have increased 15% in the past 50 years — something people have a hard time believing, as the lake levels keep sinking:  The official government explanation, until recently, was that it was the result of decreased precipitation.  Of course, anyone with access to NOAA can quickly see that’s not the case.  Also…

Strange times…  Through The Storm.


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