big boy’s breakfast bento box

We love you, Will!

On the first day of Kindergarten, the big guy hopped out of bed, got ready, ate breakfast and was rarin’ to go, ten minutes before we had to leave.

On the second day of kindergarten, our big trooper grudgingly got dressed in bed and muttered, “Finger toast..  Sausage…” Before falling back to sleep, unroustable before leaving, so his breakfast was bundled into the box and eaten in the car, while we waited, after dropping off big brother.

On the third day of kindergarten, the poor kid was so exhausted that he hardly woke as he was dressed, and after much coaxing to consciousness, entreaties to eat, said, “Uh!  I need to rest — just take it in the car again!”  Then, fell back on the couch, and was out in a blink.  We had to hitch him onto Ranger to pry him off, to brush his teeth, then head out the door.  He waited to eat until after we’d dropped off his big brother, once again.

It has likely become a fast hardened, if fun, tradition.


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  1. I think it’s a perfect solution to the chaotic morning. Signed – Mom of the above mentioned kindergartner…who leaves way too early to get the high schooler dropped off in enough time for locker chat before the first bell.

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