Friday night feasting foray, proposition one: The Roadhouse

Eat your veggies!

In the far northwest, just south of Crystal Lake, in the interesting little town of Benzonia, lies a remarkable little restaurant, The Roadhouse Mexican Bar & Grill.

Above is a veggie enchilada — black beans, corn, red pepper, onion, jalapeno and cilantro — in a verde sauce, with rice, a small salad and black beans on the side.  Everything — delicious.

The Friday, fish tacos were purported to be fantastically flavorful, as well, as were the fajitas and Barb’s Legendary Empanadas.  It is possible we ate there more often that we should!

The fajitas have the option of adding a grilled jalapeno — a delicious edition, that knocked them from decent, to exemplary.

Though fortunate to have numerous tempting taqueria and the always lovely Los Galanes, locally, they are on the wrong end of town for a quick bite, and dining there only happens when other adventures lead us in that general direction. Here in north milquetoast land, there is nothing inspiring, so, perhaps justification, then, for spending half of our dinners in that area, at the Roadhouse.

Well worth the always busy in the summer wait.



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