Big Kenny’s zucchini, shiitake enchiladas in soy zucchini sauce with ginger/sesame baby bellas

"Shiit!" Said Kenny!  Quite a paragraph, there:  It’s parable for, when telling a joke, the majority of your breath is spent on the explanation — most likely a failure in execution, but whatever…  Such is what becomes, with lacking inspiration…  Somehow, it was very good — sometimes the explanation can be epiphanous, and bring a good laugh.

Filling:  Thinly sliced onion, bronzed in the pan, one nice clove garlic added and sashayed for a few, half of a rather large zucchini (perhaps, equivalent to two, too, of the typically sized store bought sorts), slivered, and added with one half dozen thinly sliced shiitakes of sound stature.  All of that cooked down until the juices more or less evaporated.  There was not a thing else added until two splashes of the sauce.

Haha!  "Hey!  Where's Kenny? I got somethin' for him." I said

Sauce:  the rest of that big zucchini, sliced and quartered, the zucc covered with water and cooked.  Somewhere on the order of 1/2t salt 2t soy sauce, some oregano, turmeric, a bit of cayenne added in, and more cumin than normally recommended — cooked until the squash was soft then, addressed with the immersion blender.  Also, pepper — all this, terrible, post-hoc approximations.  Taste will tell.

"Didn't you hear," she asked, "Kenny was murdered." "Oh." I walked to the door, cracked it just so, and set the snowball to the side.

Shrooms:  It’s difficult to remember how these came along, however, indubitably, an under-represented part of the meal.  As far as exceptionally fallible recollection prevails, the mushrooms were quartered down and scurried with a reasonable portion of ginger in sesame oil with a splash of the Braggs.  Seems as if something might be missing from this explanation, but it eludes cognitive cooperation.  Really cooked down, to give a bit of a crust, pan smokin’.  These are great, here, but would also blow out some pasta tossed in a bit of hojiblanca with some sauteed, spicy pepper, and maybe a little parsely.

Kenny would have eaten these, no doubt in entirety, then made a face like, “Not so bad.” Then, said, “I’m goin’ a get a burger.”


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