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After trying, essentially, every veggie burger-bean burger locally purchase-able, and making several more to boot, the only one that stands out, thus far, is the Morningstar Farms Mushroom Burger. It elevates beyond “good,” rising to “Delicious,” and, on finishing one, leaves one craving two. The rest have not succeeded this accomplishment, rather, left us craving something less mushy, less bland and/or actually holding together – not deserving of the term, “Burger.” (This does not apply to falafel, which is a food favorite but which also should never be referred to as a burger.)  These judgments are corroborated by others, giving the opinions – if not validity – at least, reliability.

The components are straightforward enough: Mushrooms, TVP, wheat gluten, eggs and spices and flavors. So it seemed reasonable to set about making one, being as those all are things owned. Browned down – one onion – added, then, garlic and chopped mushrooms, small, yet large enough to give the final product texture, still. Further, liquid smoke, Braggs, salt, pepper, and thyme. This, so far, tasted quite excellent. Then, mixed up with ener-g, gluten and tvp.

The result was very sad. Glops of tvp glutemized, giving hope for success – soon dashed as the fungi fell free on attempt to model the mass more manageable for a roll. Worse, much of the delicious flavors were left, absorbed into the blobs. Thus became, a loose mushroom sandwich, nothing horrible – its memory only will sustain, though, as failing to meet our proposed objective.


Despite these results, one positive side outcome of note, were these quick and easy burger buns. They were quick and easy. Additionally, they also tasted good (!) and, had a decent delicateness in texture. The only improvements could be attending to the slight over-density, and a little browning on top would be aesthetically nice. Further investigation in those areas will be needed.ergo, evidence based


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