caramalized onion, mushroom and spinach taquitos

When am cookin a need the kitchen tae masel As wie ma brain a need tae concentrate,The tatties wur in the pressure cooker The vegetables wur in the steamer An the stew wis smelling great.

Simply sauteed, a little seasoning on the mushrooms and spinach.  Wrapped snuggly in a tortilla with a little chuhuahua, summarily spun through a bit of oil and baked at 375F until they had browned — turning once, at the halfway point of the unspecified time.

The terribly tasty taquitos were terrifically utile; large batches could be froze, saved, so to be served as scrumptious snack, alone on their own, au natural, they satiate well.

Varietous versions conspired twice for dinner:  Once, served over spinach (sauteed with pinch salt and powdered chipotle) with cashew cream sauce (salt, pepper, powdered chipotle of course) and topped with more sauteed mushrooms.  More, was all that was uttered as the plates were licked clean.

Noo a did notice a burnin smell But when a looked everythin wis fine, Well, the tatties wur burnt tae the pot The vegetables wur cremated Aw a wish ma brain widnae go awol aw the time.

Twice, on a bed of lettuce, then topped with the same cashew cream sauce, avocado, diced tomato and cilantro.  Not as spicy, but nice – these as well – just a glimpse of the taquito peeking out from under the toppings.

So it wis chips an stew fur dinner An himself took er the cookin, A wis hunted fae the kitchen So a sat outside in the sunshine Aye am no as daft as am lookin.


A while later we finally goat oor dinner An a must say we enjoyed an it wis great, A telt ma lot "You kin thank me" Because wie me daein the cookin Their guaranteed tae lose weight.

tnx, Maggie

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