Cashew Cream (not) Tartlets

What do you mean I'm not a tart?

(Jen here…) I have recently been introduced to the awesomeness that is cashew cream. I came across a recipe on my other new addiction, Pinterest, and decided to set out to make them over the weekend. Since you need overnight to soak the cashews plus chilling time for the tart cups and the cream, it was best to tackle this on a Saturday to Sunday.

My recipe is from One Green Planet and it seemed pretty straight forward.  She even mentions that the tarts won’t stick to the pan because of the coconut oil.  I felt so confidant about this recipe at that point that I knew disaster would ensue!

Let me go on record as saying……the tartlets did indeed Not stick to the pan….instead they crumbled right out….this being after several hours in the freezer.

However, the cashew cream itself turned out magnificent and I was not about to waste the tartlet shells….there was a lot of money in nuts in there!  So, I improvised.  Cashew cream with a nut topping.  It was perfect!  And we have some cashew cream and lots of nut topping left for another dessert.

I am definitely going to make the cashew cream again…however, I may need to re-visit the tart shells.

(Dan mentioned that the nut mixture would taste awesome baked with a key lime feeling…hhhmmmmm….he may be on to something)


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