A simple pasta, just tomatoes, fresh basil and some seasoning.

He stood watching, at the rail of the boat as I fell, still clutching the lumber – held off to his side.   It didn’t cross my mind to take a breath before I hit the water, and as I sank, already, my body ached for air.  Even in crushing pain and confusion I struggled toward the surface through the ruby water, but just as I broke the surface and reflexively gasped for air, I felt numerous hands pushing me back under, and I sucked in the water, saturated with my own blood.

With browned, slivered garlic, mushrooms, pine nuts, and dashes of powdered chipotle.

The stained water tore my lungs and caused agonized convulsion that only forced the water more deeply.  I tried to fight back, and turned over, weakly striking toward the baleful limbs of my unseen attackers, but it had no effect other than to more quickly drain my little remaining strength.  The arms pushing down through the red waters seemed to get further away and my vision increasingly narrowed to the circle of reddened arms hanging beneath the water’s surface until it was merely a speck, then disappeared entirely, and I became aware that my physical senses had ceased.

Presented correctly, it takes on an appearance similar to brains.

There was no light, no temperature and no sound – just thoughts, and I knew that I was dead, that I lay at the bottom of a lake with crushed skull.  I knew in that moment, the thoughts would end soon – just remnant electrical activity that soon would stop – but they never have.  The last moments of my life play over freshly in what I would call my mind if I were alive.

Which, someday, I aspire to have.

I relive the blow to my head, and the cold of the water as I hit, and the panic.  The scene is interrupted only with other torments:  All the struggles – revisiting those feelings again as if the first time.  Every failure, every humiliation, every rejection, every hurt.  If I had eyes they would cry.  I wish… Or scream – to stem the noise.  There is no relief – I am.

Though, not to eat.


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