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The Indians lined the shore and watched silently as the frequent target of their attacks was struck in the head, then fell overboard into the water.  Several waded out, into the shallow, bloodied waters and pressed him down, to ensure he did not re-surface.

Or, multi-variant, vegetive-form, single-site, wheatbread retrospective.

Participants were onion, ginger, mushrooms, crumbled tempeh, and spinach, algorithmically treated with single and/or combined therapies of turmuric, Bragg’s, rice vinegar, sesame oil and with adjuvant piper nigrum and capsicum annuum, in a controlled triticum environ.

Results were gratifying, with conclusive, quantified, restitutive results.  Though using raw, normalized data resulted in a hugely dissappointing p=0.048999, using palaver, inverse squared means methodology, the figures extruded a conclusive, p=0.05, solidly affiming our opin– hypothesis.  Further study is needed in this area to confirm these findings.


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