Cauliflower Enchiladas with Poblano Cream Sauce

Jen came across these at Eats Well With Others and we whipped them up and devoured them down over the course of a couple meals.  Let’s pause to let that pun settle in…

Carrying on, photos of those are somewhere on your phone, Jennifer, surely you will want to insert them here:

Aren’t they lovely?  These have fairly subtle, slightly sour flavor, the marvelous roasted cauliflower contrasting nicely with a hint of sweetness.

Cantina Diablo’s has a really great black bean and roasted veggie enchilada — they serve it in a little cast iron skillet, soused in sauce with sauteed onions and poblano peppers.  It’s a fantastic dish — I hate to be redundant, but I order it every time we go.  I don’t know why the place gets no love online, but we’ve never had bad service and that one dish is great every time!  I love it.

The aside was to acknowledge the theft of their wonderful preparation, incorporating it with these enchiladas, onions, peppers, garlic sauteed until singed, mixed with the poblano cream sauce and enchiladas added, then fired at 475f.

What about panache? Can we get a panache?

It adds just a bit of sizzle.


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