lauki kofta & palak paneer

The little guy has totally taken to t-ball – and certainly looks good in uniform – incorporating his own unique style into the game, with Baryshnikov leaps, dervish whirls, and Incan pyramidal constructs in the dirt.


Consequently, abrupted evenings are calling for quick and simple meals — like Indian food, known for just that!

These are, actually, both very simple dishes to make, and even more so with a very enthusiastic helper, who gladly — rather, insisted on grating the squash.  The squash is simple blended with a little graham flour, some spices and deep fried into deliciousness.

franz kofta balls

While the kofta were frying, Will took the initiative to wash all the dishes in the sink!


The sauce is equally simple, just some blended veggies chowed with some spices, then thinned with the left over juice of the squash — or, water, broth, etc.

As the tomato based sauce was being added to the pan, the comment was loosed, it seemed odd her sauce appeared orange.  Oh…

orange is a color and a fruit, and for a few, a state of spring

Kofta with the veggie sauce — absolutely sensational!


Palak paneer we’ve done a thousand times, this particular one — one of the better ones we’ve done.

would it kill ya to laugh once in a while?

Cooked far shorter, and chopped far coarser than generally (evidently)  preferred, this was destined for a quick warm up before a game, so the spices had plenty of time to set up as it rested overnight.

Both are via Veg Recipes of India — an exceptional collection of recipes, written with very easy to follow instructions and gorgeous accompanying pictures.

One of these days, we should try to make a dal.


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