A stick in thyme save time

Because, of course, if you don’t meticulously remove the sticks, you have more time!  We finally got around to processing the lovely herb, a mere four months post pluck, though, we’ll miss it’s presence on our wall…

A few months ago, a recipe called for a sprig of thyme to be thrown into the simmer…

a private printing of 1000

Come on, now, who has sprigs of thyme lying around?

the child says, what?


The stalwart sprigs no doubt made the soup — mighty fine, onion soup, too.  But it also marked the last time we’re trying a fauxy, uncheese, alternate to such, as they, at best, approach some sort of velveetaness.

personal achievement seminars, 1979

Daiya’s not bad, and the havarti/jalepeno spread’s actually good, but none of them make a good grilled fauxy, or approach the amazing flavors and textures of a creamy, sharp cheddar, danish blue or one of the fonts.  At best, the jello-y molds, melt decently for a queso.

the thoughts and the poems

If anyone has any suggestions for something more stretchy, melty cheesy, though, we’re still open to experiment.

The thyme, otherwise, becomes more prolific by the year.  We have only one ounce remaining from last year, however, this year:

five years later, he blew his head off

It should be enough to last a while…

I tracked down his widow, but thought it would be cruel to contact her


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