Seedy whole wheat

Sundays are usually the day we dedicate to our more intricate, or time consuming dinners, and it is extraordinarily rare that we even consider eating out our carrying in.  So it is a reflection of the tremendous hoard of ELC, that we did so, resolving to our taquero of choice, and washing down our good intentions with dos XX. 

That is not, of course, meant to say herd of elk; that would perhaps be a far more interesting recount.  Elk are indeed rumored to roam about the northern regions, though, none have ever seen one, so clearly, herds of those were not in our house. 

ELC is surely known to all as elevated levels of chaos, and yesterday there were hoards of ’em.   We brought in a new ISP which had some issues — mostly our fault.  And coincidentally, the shiny new Dell lost connectivity — surely related, right? 

So we all presumed, but three hours into the conversation with the stellar and very patient Dell service tech, he pronounced that a viral infection was the likely source of the problem, and the best solution to deal with that… Was to reininstall windows.

This is a lesson in backing up your data, which was already done, but on a flash drive.  I have not had any recent issues with data corruption, but in the past, it was a frequent problem, and the thought of leaving one of my children’s fate to a flash drive brought tremendous anxiety, recollection pixelated Pluto’s and obliviated Oort cloud oratories of the past.

So the poor Dell guy waited as I frantically burned a back up disk to back up the back-up and then, I made him wait while I brought up the files on another computer and left the little story open while we wiped the laptop — just so I could see it resting safely during the process.

Children, it is surely known to all, did not refer to an actual child, though, the actual children were helpfully contributing to the chaos, as the little one at that moment needed immediate sustanance — as he does, every three to four minutes — and the other was attempting to engage him in a lego battle.  Additionally, at that very time, on the phone with Dell, burning a grilled cheese on the stove, lego battles raging, the installer returned.  I tried to explain to him what the problem was, confusing the Dell guy on the phone in the process, realized smoke was pouring off the stove top… 

Anyhow, there was an interview with Cory Doctorow — likey Boing Boing, considering — where someone commented about one of his story’s they did not like, and his response — possibly paraphrasing someone else — was that each story was like a child and he love them all.  (I’m sorry you don’t like my child!)

This struck me as a very accurate description of the relationship to the little stories.  All the people in them are very much alive, and very loved, and this particular one, currently elaborating, is at a point where it is far enough along that if it was lost, it would likely never be re-created — losing it would be its death.  This is particularly perturbing for this one, as it is the result of a dream, one that left me with a feeling that i very much wanted to preserve, and as i laid in bed thinking about it, the entire tale unfurled in totality — it is now just a matter of staying centered on those thoughts and the feeling and trying to get that on paper.  I never knew if it would be a simple blog entry or a short story, but it is now 35000 words in length, and far too along to re-build, especially as the dream fades further in time.

These were the hoard of ELC that harpooned the days plans, parlayed preparations and deep-sixed the planned red lentil curry patties to be served with that marvelous American Spoon Foods compote, not to mention, preparations for weekday lunches, and perhaps worst of all:  Bread.  You’ve got to have a good loaf of bread in the house!

It was closing in on six by the time the Dell tech decided we should replace the wireless card — we at least got the ethernet connection working after all that — and we decided to forget trying to accomplish anything and head to Juan Miguel’s for some splendid spinach enchiladas.  I felt like I had spent so much time with the Dell guy that I should invite him as well, unfortunately, he lives on another continent.

When finally we returned, refreshed, there was renewed attention to the call of the wheat and we decided to put together this absolutely exceptional loaf:

The funny thing is, today is chaotic as well

There is a thing with bread, when everything goes perfectly, that is takes on a unique and marvelous characteristic that is difficult to describe.  Perhaps, engages taste buds that are otherwise idle, sort of in the back, along the edges of the tongue — maybe, umami?  The one sourdough, brought that sense, that one time, with perfect levels of moisture, texture and a flavor that enveloped the full palate.  It is very rare that I hit this perfectly — with this loaf, it is the second time.

yet, here i am, writing rambling tales

Absolutely marvelous flavor, despite discovering, after everything was mostly mixed, that we did not have one sunflower seed in the house, the whole impetus to make this particular bread.  We improvised (we, as in the little guy, and I) with some sesame seeds and wheatberries, and only had ground flax — the result is spectacular and we will certainly make more of this bread, perhaps even with the actual ingredients, but the combination in substitution will be hard to beat.

I conclude, that it is the chaos that drives me

An excellent toast, as well, with a bit of apricot preserves. 

Roasted in the oven at 375f, for 30 flat.


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