Soft Pretzels

(A rare post from Jen) I once saw a sign that said something like “I always have the same thought when I read a science fiction book and a long, labor intensive recipe…..yeah, like that will ever happen”.  That is exactly how I viewed taking on homemade soft pretzels.  As far back as I can remember, I loved venturing around the mall munching on soft pretzels, accompanied by a cup of warm, gooey, processed cheese dip.  Even today, the smell when you pass the mall stand draws you in…but the waistline keeps me walking.  My kids love them though….the teenager often refers to it as “lunch” when she and her friends wander the mall on a Saturday afternoon.


So. I finally decided to take on the pretzel.  I found a  great recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod, as they never disappoint and settled in a for a fun Sunday afternoon. (*Note – I did omit the rosemary on top)

I was a bit nervous when I first combined the ingredients as the dough was a bit sticky…but Dan stepped in and with his infinite bread wisdom, quickly brought it together as a nice smooth ball of dough.

It rose perfectly in about an hour and then it was time to roll and twist.

I started the water boiling and added the baking soda….Whoa…..very cool eruption!


The boiling and baking was so super easy.  I was uncertain of their appearance but I quickly got past that when Dan and the kids proclaimed them to be “Awesome”.  Just need the processed cheese dip!

I won’t hesitate to make these again…..maybe pretzel nuggets, cinnamon-sugar. shredded cheese coated….the possibilities are endless!


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