Butternut wontons on ranchero

 Do not stick a screwdriver into a light socket

Southwestishly tilting wontons stuffed with sautéed shallots, caramalized butternut squash and some diced, sun-dried tomatoes.  Herbed with oregano, a pinch of chipotle and some chile powder.  The little wonton maker made the process look so fun that Will took over half way through, then decided the remaining skins should be filled with cheese for the kids — then he partook of neither.

Actually, it made a really nice and colorful shower of sparks

However, Jared greatly appreciated his efforts, specifically for the cheese ravioli.  The wontons were nearly unusably stale, but those squash filled sorts that survived the boil were pan seared and served on ranchero sauce, topped with teese, some bizarre sour cream analogue and a sprinkle of cilantro.


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